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Wastewater Services For Your New Braunfels Home

Your septic system is one of the hardest working systems your home has, but it's also the one most taken for granted. Many people don't give much thought to their septic system until something goes wrong, at which point they have to give a lot more thought to it than they ever wanted to. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, the best thing you can do is hire a company that will make sure everything continues to run smoothly. Aerobic Services of South Texas provides New Braunfels homes with a variety of beneficial septic services your home needs.

Our Wastewater Services

Aerobic Services of South Texas is your one-stop-shop for all your septic system needs. We offer the following services.


We provide full-service installations of septic systems. We'll dig the hole, add the plumbing and electrical, and install the tank for a fully-operational septic system.

  • We also provide the 2-year maintenance agreement required by TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) after a new septic system installation.

Maintenance & Service Contracts

We offer annual maintenance agreements that provide inspections at least three times per year.

  • Priority Scheduling
  • Discounts on pumping
  • Discounted Labor Rate on Repairs


How often should my aerobic septic system be pumped?

  • We recommend every 3-5 years, but there are many variables including how you use your septic system and how many people live in your home
  • Overflows can cause flooding in your home or yard and become a biohazard
  • Can’t remember the last time your system was pumped? Contact us to schedule a time today!

Inspections & Repairs

Maintenance such as inspections, septic tank cleaning, and pumping can increase the lifetime of your Aerobic septic system.

Signs your system may need to be serviced:

  • Septic system backup, slow drains, gurgling sound & odors

Real Estate Inspections – buying a new home or preparing to sell yours? We offer real estate inspections of septic systems to ensure the system is working efficiently.

Need someone to come out and look at your septic system today? Give us a call at (830)402-4678

Our Resource Pages

To learn more about our services, view employment opportunities, or browse our frequently asked questions, please visit the following pages:

The Experienced Service You Need

When you need service for your wastewater system, you want to make sure you hire a company that knows what it's doing. Aerobic Services of South Texas has over 20 years of experience and has been serving homes in New Braunfels and surrounding areas since 2001. We provide all septic services needed to make sure your system is working the way it should. To learn more or schedule a service, contact us today!

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Customer Reviews

These folks specially Lisa are super helpful and friendly. They will go the extra mile to help you. I needed a septic tank inspection before buying a property. They took the extra time and effort to explain what and why it was done. As a very big plus, the price they quoted was one third of what a competing business wanted. Not only would I use them again, I will recommend them to anyone who needs this Service. Thank you all at Anaerobic service.

David A 
- Austin | Read Review

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