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  • Septic Services

    • Where is my Septic Tank located on my property?

      Calling the Environmental Department for your county can help you locate the Septic System. If an installation permit was issued, a drawing will be on file.

    • What cannot be flushed down the toilet?

      It would be ideal to say if you would not ingest it, do not flush it down the toilet.

    • Is Septic Water okay to use in my garden?

      The short answer is: No. There is a risk of contaminating the earth your plants are growing within which can then be transferred to you.

    • Will there be any problems planting shrubs or trees near my septic system?

      It is best to contact a Nursery to find out the root growth range of any plants, shrubs, or trees you would like to plant near any septic system.

    • Can my livestock graze over my septic system or drain field?

      It is not advisable to have your livestock grazing over any septic system due to changing weather. During rainy days, livestock moving over muddy, soft soil will allow the area to become compacted again over the following summer season.

    • Who do I call to perform a Backflow Check?

      A certified, professional plumber can perform and complete this task for you.

    • What brand of toilet paper is best to use with my Septic System?

      We recommend Angel Soft or Cottonelle as those brands tend to break down quickly.

    • Is a garbage disposal system okay to use with my Septic System?

      Food particles usually cannot be broken down which means the particles migrate into the Drain Field and clog the system. A Septic System will most likely need to be pumped out more often with a disposal's use.

    • Can I install a fence, pool, or shed near a septic system's components?

      Always contact an Engineer to discuss how close it will be to any Septic System components.

    • What cities do you serve?

      We are proud to service a large portion of South Texas. Our service area includes   San Antonio, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Bulverde, Boerne, Seguin, Johnson City, San Marcos, Austin, Dripping Springs, Buda, Lockhart and more!