When To Consider Pumping Your Septic Tank In New Braunfels

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When To Consider Pumping Your Septic Tank In New Braunfels

April 15, 2023 - septic system

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Many homes in the New Braunfels region rely on septic systems to process the flowing waste generated using sinks, toilets, or washing machines rather than through municipal or county sewer systems. As with most systems found within a home, septic systems require regular service and maintenance to manage wastewater effectively. 

Performing regular maintenance tasks helps ensure your septic system is operating efficiently, prevents potentially expensive repairs, and extends the system’s service life. Keep in mind that a failing septic system may result in significant environmental problems, such as the contamination of groundwater. Several factors impact how frequently critical maintenance tasks are necessary, including the type of septic system, the number of home occupants, and the physical size of any tanks. 

Is there an established provider of professional septic pumping services near me? At Aerobic Services, we employ a team of properly trained local technicians that perform top-quality septic services in New Braunfels.

How Often Should A Septic Tank Be Pumped?

How frequently should New Braunfels residents have septic pumping services performed? According to recommendations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, homeowners should consider pumping their septic tank roughly every three to five years; however, pumping every two years might be appropriate in some instances.

Regular maintenance helps remove waste, limit the likelihood of clogs, and prevent overflow emergencies. In general, commercial systems need more frequent maintenance than those found within residential settings. 

What Are The Signs A Septic Tank Is Getting Full?

Several different indications suggest your septic tank is reaching its capacity. For example, water often drains slowly in parts of the home, and the flushing pressure of toilets declines.

Other signs of a full tank include the development of foul odors and pools of water appearing in exterior yard areas. If you’re noticing these or other signs that your septic tank may need tending to, it’s best to reach out to experts like Aerobic Services.

Everyday Tips To Care For A Septic System

Are you wondering about the best ways of caring for your septic tank that will prevent the need for costly septic tank repairs? Experts in septic system services commonly encourage homeowners to proceed as follows: 

  • Various products now exist that will save substantial amounts of water, including faucet aerators, high-efficiency toilets, and Energy Star appliances. 

  • Never flush paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or cigarette butts down toilets. 

  • Never pour grease or oil used in cooking down sink drains.

  • Spread out the use of appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher throughout the week.

While the aforementioned tips represent viable options for day-to-day septic system maintenance, those with significant repair needs or other problems should speak with a qualified professional like Aerobic Services

Let Aerobic Services Handle Your Septic Needs In New Braunfels

As a locally owned provider in this region for more than 20 years now, the team of professionals with Aerobic Services continues delivering results for property owners in New Braunfels. As a truly comprehensive service provider, we offer professional septic tank installation, septic repair, and maintenance services for conventional and aerobic systems. 

We provide robust installation services, including digging, plumbing, and electrical work, and the state-mandated two-year maintenance plan. We also recognize the importance of operating in a manner that ensures overall safety and poses no threat to our customers or the local environment. Our training always complies with the health and safety requirements of the Neighborhood Services Division for the City of New Braunfels and other local agencies. 

While many of our local customers have service visits approximately every four months, Aerobic Services also offers monthly service contracts. Some of the basic maintenance functions that our technicians perform include assessing and cleaning filters and pump intakes. We also will assess the system’s sludge level, air pressure, and much more. For high-quality septic system service, contact our office today.

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