The Most Common Septic System Questions Asked In New Braunfels

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The Most Common Septic System Questions Asked In New Braunfels

December 15, 2022 - septic system

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If you have a new septic system or are considering buying a house with one, you probably have a lot of questions regarding their maintenance and cost. Even if you’ve had a septic tank for years, you might not think of septic system services as something you should be overly concerned about, but that isn’t the case. A leaky or improperly maintained septic system can result in sanitation issues and attract pest problems to your house, which makes reaching out for a New Braunfels septic service when you need one essential.

How Do You Know When Your Septic Tank Is Full?

All septic tanks will remain partially full as waste breaks down. However, an overly full tank can signify that something is amiss. A full tank may be a sign that you’re not pumping frequently enough for your usage (the recommendation is at least once every three to five years). A tank that fills up quickly after pumping may have drainage issues you don’t know about.

Signs your tank may be full include:

  • Toilets that flush slowly or bathtubs that have trouble draining.
  • Gurgling sounds inside your pipes.
  • Grass around your septic tank that has suddenly grown lush and green.
  • Wet or squishy areas around your yard.
  • A foul sewage smell in or around your home.
  • Sewage backup coming up through your drains.

If you start noticing any of these signs, it might be time for a routine septic tank cleaning. However, it might be something more serious that requires repairs. Either way, you’ll need to reach out for septic tank services as soon as possible to avert damage to your property, plus infestations of pests that are attracted to sewage, like rodents and roaches.

What Waters Goes Into A Septic System?

Any and all water that goes down a drain in your home will pass into your septic system. This does not include water from things like outdoor garden hoses since that water drains directly into the ground. However, the water from your sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers all goes down right into your septic system. Basically, if it goes down a drain inside your home, it’s going to your septic tank.

What Things Can't Be Put In A Septic System?

There is a very limited range of items that can be put into your septic system. Everything else is a no-no. Obviously, human waste can go into the septic system, as can most other biowaste since it’s biodegradable. However, you should avoid letting hair into your septic system because it won’t break down fast enough. Toilet paper is also acceptable to flush, though it’s best to use toilet paper that’s labeled septic-safe. And, of course, water and soap will go into your septic tank, which is perfectly fine.

Other items commonly dumped into septic tanks that should never be flushed include feminine hygiene products, diapers, and other waste items that people often prefer to flush. However, these items won't break down and will clog your septic tank, so they should always go in the garbage.

What's The Best Way To Install A Septic System?

Unless you know what you’re doing (and we mean really know what you’re doing), you should always let the experts handle your septic system. Handling septic installation as an amateur can do massive amounts of damage to both the tank and your own property.

When it comes to septic pumping, septic cleaning, septic tank repair, and septic installation in New Braunfels, the best way to protect your property from damage is to call the experts here at Aerobic Services. We can handle anything your septic system has to throw at us and protect your property while we’re doing it, so don’t hesitate to click or call today!

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