Everything You Should Know About Your Septic System In New Braunfels

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Everything You Should Know About Your Septic System In New Braunfels

July 15, 2022 - septic system

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Used primarily in properties that lack access to a local, centralized water system, septic systems are a critical aspect of daily operations. A key component is a septic tank, which is a buried container that receives wastewater generated in bathrooms, laundry activities, and kitchens. In general, solids will settle at the bottom of the septic tank while liquids float above. 

Are you in need of professional wastewater and septic services in New Braunfels? A professional provider of septic tank services and drain cleaning waterfall implementation will generate positive outcomes. In many cases, a clogged drain cleaning service is necessary for preventing dangerous health risks.

How Your Septic System Works 

A septic system represents an investment that requires proper installation and ongoing maintenance. Both conventional and aerobic septic systems will achieve similar goals of collecting wastewater, treating and filtering the water, and returning the water to the environment. When a septic system is inoperable, it may cause contamination to the groundwater, and those with exposure might face possible health concerns. 

The Types Of Septic Systems In New Braunfels

Septic systems today exist in several varieties and configurations. Based on the specific requirements, including lot size, local regulatory guidelines, and the number of home occupants, a professional will choose the best options for the property. Among the most common types include: 

  • Conventional systems: Single-family homes and small businesses often have conventional wastewater treatment systems consisting of a septic tank and a trench or subsurface that serves as a drain field. Here, you will find they most commonly use gravel or stone drain fields for filtration.
  • Chamber systems: A “gravel-less” or chamber-style system features a series of connected chambers which provides routes for the water. Pipes transport wastewater from the septic tank through multiple chambers, which each have independent roles in processing wastewater. 
  • Aerobic treatment unit (A.T.U.) systems: A.T.U. systems most commonly reflect the wastewater solutions that municipalities use. It uses oxygen for generating natural bacterial functions, and many of these also employ a pretreatment tank that initiates the removal of pathogens. 
  • Mound systems: For applications with high groundwater, limited soil depth, or limited bedrock depth, a mound system might be appropriate. Here, professionals use a mound of sand for filtration, and the water then returns to the soil. 

Regardless of the system configuration and application, these systems all require some basic, routine maintenance for optimal operations that is best provided by a licensed professional.

The Best Septic Tank Treatments

Liquid wastewater is separated and filtered using several treatment methods upon entering the septic tank. A licensed professional will establish a proper pumping schedule for this phase of the process. After filtration, the system routes the water into a drain field or bed.  

Consult The Professionals At Aerobic Services

As a trained team of professionals that provides advanced septic system flushing and outside drain cleaning services, Aerobic Services is proud to have an established track record of success. Our local drain cleaning services and septic system maintenance services have proven to be safe, efficient, and affordable for many clients throughout the New Braunfels region. Our management team also remains committed to providing industry-leading customer service and backing the quality of our performance with a satisfaction guarantee. 

We provide state-licensed services for residential and commercial septic service clients that involve septic system and wastewater system design, implementation, and ongoing professional maintenance. 

Our specialists strive to get the job done efficiently and correctly, which has served us well for more than 20 years now. We invite you to contact our office today to speak with a friendly representative from our organization. Keep in mind that our staff is often available for same-day and emergency response services for those with very time-sensitive concerns. 

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