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Real Estate Septic Inspections In New Braunfels, TX

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As a home buyer, seller, or real estate agent, you must ensure your property is safe, clean, and in working order. Functioning pipes and mold-free basements are all major components of this, but perhaps the most important yet most neglected is the health of your septic system.

Real estate inspectors often overlook the underground components of your wastewater container, septic system, and critical piping zones, leaving buyers and sellers in the dark about what to expect from their future property, putting them at a disadvantage, and slowing up the sale.

At Aerobic Services of South Texas, we take a multistep approach to identifying problems within your real estate’s septic system. We evaluate the state of your components, investigate breakdowns or inefficiencies, and develop a solution that coincides with your needs. In the wastewater business for more than 20 years, we have provided actionable, helpful services to hundreds of property owners throughout New Braunfels, TX.

Our Septic Inspection Process

There are many various components that make up a wastewater septic in New Braunfels, especially the aerobic systems so common to Central Texas. If even one part isn’t working correctly, the rest of your system may be completely compromised. Residential and commercial wastewater systems are incredibly important mechanisms, and when functioning incorrectly, they can become significant, costly, and inconvenient problems that prevent sales or purchases.

A real estate inspection from Aerobic Services of South Texas will address these issues long before they reach critical mass. This process is a more in-depth, thorough form of our typical preventative maintenance inspections designed to evaluate every element of your system and supply the most transparent outcomes.

Your assigned technicians will perform all the steps below while inspecting your aerobic or conventional.

  • We will measure the amount of solids in the aeration, clarification, and pump tanks. These are measured against industry benchmarks to ensure a healthy range. 
  • Our technicians will check the state of the trash tank and its general health. If anything is off, we will let you know immediately. 
  • Our team will measure the air pressure generated by your aerator, then use a set of metrics to analyze its functionality. We will adjust the air pressure as necessary to optimize performance. 
  • Additionally, we will test for residual chlorine in the pump tank and check for higher-than-average levels in the chlorinator. Your numbers are checked against average healthy ranges to provide you with peace of mind. 
  • We will remove and analyze the state of your effluent pump in the pump tank, then confirm there are no signs of electrolysis or mechanical failure. If we find problems, we will suggest an immediate course of corrective action. 
  • We check all components of your float tree. This assessment includes testing the alarm float, and pump floats for proper performance. 
  • Your technician will check the state of the control panel, look for signs of corrosion, and ensure proper operation. We will make a note of anything out-of-alignment and supply solutions right away. 
  • Near the end of our inspection, we ensure the timer inside your control panel is correctly set and does not malfunction with drip or spray. If necessary, we will readjust the timer to meet current needs. 
  • If your septic system has spray field functionality, we will check for any blockages and evaluate the general health of the drain field. 
  • If your septic uses spray disposal, we will check the radius for proper optimization. If you have a drip disposal, we will check the backwash drip field and clean your drip filter. 

Once this entire inspection process is complete, Aerobic Services will provide a holistic septic system report of problems, issues, and deficiencies. We will provide quotes before service commences.

Do you have additional questions about inspections, evaluations, or reporting processes? Please call our Canyon Lake office for further information about our septic inspection services.

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Whether selling your home, buying a new property, or brokering an upcoming deal, be sure your septic is in mint condition for whatever comes next. Inspections from Aerobic Services of South Texas ensure this will always be the case, providing detailed reports, comprehensive information, and plenty of guidance for repairs and replacements. We strive to make every visit as direct and efficient as possible and are always glad to provide a hand for inspections big and small.

Reach out today to learn more about our residential and commercial septic services in New Braunfels. You can schedule an inspection service at a time convenient to you. Complete the online contact form to chat with us today.

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These folks specially Lisa are super helpful and friendly. They will go the extra mile to help you. I needed a septic tank inspection before buying a property. They took the extra time and effort to explain what and why it was done. As a very big plus, the price they quoted was one third of what a competing business wanted. Not only would I use them again, I will recommend them to anyone who needs this Service. Thank you all at Anaerobic service.

David A 
- Austin | Read Review

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