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Comal County Septic Services

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Comal County is just north of San Antonio, providing residents with a peaceful community near one of Texas’ biggest cities. Whether you like sports, theme parks, shopping, or outdoor adventures, there are plenty of options to keep you busy in the Southern Texas area.

Septic problems are among the most troubling issues for homes and businesses. There’s nothing worse than seeing wastewater flowing into your building, causing health concerns and unpleasant smells. Fortunately, Comal County septic services can solve these problems.

At Aerobic Services, we know how septic systems work, enabling us to install, maintain, and repair them. We’ll ensure your system directs your wastewater away so you won’t have to deal with it.

Residential Septic Services In Comal County

Comal County features several suburbs of San Antonio, offering residents a getaway from busy city life. The area has scenic hills, streams, rivers, and lakes that provide outdoor recreation and relaxing days in the sun. A malfunctioning septic system is one of the few things that can disturb the comfort of these communities.

Problems with septic systems can cause wastewater to go where it shouldn’t. Rather than flowing away from your home, it can back up in your pipes and rise to the surface near your septic tank or drain field. Aerobic Services solves these problems with septic installation, maintenance, and plumbing. We know the local requirements, ensuring a one-time fix.

Wastewater is uncomfortable and potentially dangerous to have around your Comal County home. Contact us today to learn more about our residential septic services in Comal County.

Commercial Septic Services In Comal County

As a business owner, you have many daily concerns, but none more than the safety and comfort of those in your facility. While the focus is usually on service and security, the performance of your septic system is also impactful. Problems with your system can result in the appearance of wastewater, threatening the safety of everyone in your building and scaring customers away.

Aerobic Services is a trusted septic service provider in Comal County. Our service technicians use the best tools and techniques to keep people safe. In addition to installations and repairs, we can check your system regularly to ensure it’s directing wastewater away from your structure.

Septic problems are a top priority for businesses because a poor-performing system threatens your staff and customers. Call us today to learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment for commercial septic services in Comal County.

Professional Real Estate Inspections For Comal County Homes

An essential part of buying or selling a home is getting an inspection. The inspector will visually inspect your septic system, but this usually only entails asking questions, running the water, and checking the water pressure. These tests won't tell you much about the quality of your system or how it will function in the coming months.

You should order a thorough inspection from septic system services every three-to-five years and whenever you’re buying or selling a home. In addition to a visual examination, the inspector will check the parts of your system, including:

  • The water level in your septic tank
  • Water flow to the septic tank
  • Drainage from your home
  • Backflow from your absorption area

This type of inspection will determine the performance of your septic system and the likelihood that it will continue performing in the future. Aerobic Services provides septic system inspections for Comal County residents. We’ll check every aspect of your system to ensure it’s sending water where it’s supposed to and protecting the health of the occupants in your building.

Septic system inspections are crucial when buying or selling a home. Let us know if you need your Comal County septic system inspected.

Why Comal County Homes Need Professional Septic Tank Services

Septic tanks are responsible for moving the wastewater out and away from your house, keeping your family safe. Regular service includes cleaning and pumping your tank to increase effectiveness and prevent pipe blockages.

Homeowners rarely consider septic tank services, but these visits provide several benefits. They’ll make your house a healthier place to reside and can increase your property value.

Some of the reasons why you should hire experts to handle your septic tank include:

  • Septic tanks can expose you to potentially dangerous airborne bacteria.
  • Professionals can clean your septic tank, diagnose problems, and make repairs.
  • Regular service will ensure your wastewater isn’t causing environmental damage.
  • Sludge can block sewer lines, causing clogs and foul odors.

We recommend pumping your septic tank every three-to-five years, but the frequency can vary based on how you use your system and the number of people using it. In addition to cleaning and pumping your septic tank, our service technicians at Aerobic Services can inspect your system and make necessary repairs.

Maintaining your septic system is an essential part of a healthy household, and septic tank service is a part of that. Call us to determine if our septic tank services are right for you.

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